venerdì 1 aprile 2016

White Prince of the Moon

 I know... White Prince isn't an official NBC Hannibal character... but it's an important piece of my webcomic Exoterism, which is based on NBC Hannibal. So here is a page... all dedicated to him!

Hannibal with White Prince:

All the things that we know about this character:

-He's adorable as kitten, ugly as adult, but ultimately a very good and friendly and cuddly cat
-This character is inspired by twitter account @ak_hannicat
-He's a purebreed white persian
-His first owner was killed by Hannibal and her name was Samuela
-He's the only cat in the world that Asdrubale doesn't want to hunt and kill
-The first appearance in the comic is at page 50