mercoledì 28 gennaio 2015

Chibi Little Shop of Cannibals

Baby Plant!Hannibal and Will Graham.
Another time a fanart dedicated to "Little Shop of Cannibals", an Alternative Universe created by stupidcrown on Tumblr ( ) and based on "Little Shop of Horrors".
You can find all the other illustration for this AU HERE

venerdì 23 gennaio 2015

THIRD SEASON TRAILEEER! + celebrative fanart

The third season trailer is among us!

So, let's analyze it!

First of all, Will Graham in hospital. I've never been in a so beautiful bed, the hospitals here suck ... maybe

Oh. This one. Poor boy.
In this image we can see another time the brutality of Mizumono. And it's sad and beautiful at the same time.

Friendly-not friendly reminder of a scar. An important scar. A scar that we will not forget. (Even if for some reason, this remind me also of a mother that fondles her baby bump XD)
What? Whaaat? Who is the dead one? Not Alana, please. Not Alana. We all know that Will is alive (we saw it) and also Jack. So... maybe only Abigail, hmm? Please.
I need Alana bloom. I need.

And then we see this woman. At first I thought that she was Margot XD

But she isn't. She's new.
Yeah. Definitely new. She's Chiyo, everyone who has read Hannibal rising have to... ok, not. We can't recognize her, but we know that she is her.

 Beautiful. Absolutely. Hannibal is a great series, the environments are amazing, but something ... dark and decadent like this... oh how I wanted!
It's absolutely one of my favorite screenshots ever, Will looking at that monument (maybe a fountain) covered in ivy. 
 With an angel. It reminds me the weeping angels of Doctor Who XD

But look at the light! It looks like the refined version of a movie with werewolves.And I love them.

And we discover that our belove empath is talking with that "misterious woman". And that the woman is saying him things that I don't really really like, but that are interesting.
Words that sounds like "vengeance".
Hmm... so, the hunt is on?

 Another thing: I love this room. Animals, stuffed birds that are seen, their silhouette in contrast with the light ... I always wanted to have stuffed animals in the room. I love the taxidermy.
Then we return to the "dark and beauty" scene that seems shot in a gothic cemetery.
And we see traces of blood.

But is that really blood? Or maybe is paint? We don't know, but the show is Hannibal, so we can suppose that's blood. 
So, if this is blood, I want to know Who is the person who has spread. And why it seems that Will is following the traces? Once again, "the hunt is on"
What if that’s Mischa’s hand print?
Oh god.
We will have our favorite special agent empathizing with children. And especially with a little, cute, very young and very innocent Hannibal Lecter. 
 "Are you here to take someone from him" says the woman.
Ok. Now I totally think that the dead's one is Abigail Hobbs, because, you know, Hannibal cut her throat. So Will, who felt paternal toward her, is to take revenge.
"Do you know where he is?" Ask Will.
Well, maybe isn't asking, he's saying. She knows where he is.
And all we know that she now XD
And thene the scene change.
And all we jump on the chair. "He's he the one? He's he the one?".
Yes. Is the one.
So, we have see his eyes and his not-perfect-but-good shaving XD
We can not and we must not be indifferent: it is Hannibal Lecter.
Where is your suit, Hannibal? WHERE IS?
You are at a party, right? Why do you have that jacket?
Among other things, please, notice the smile of the woman beside him. We do not know if I'm dying of embarrassment or fear or both or we don't know... maybe her smile is like that. It's not an ugly smile, I like it. But it's ambiguous.
 And then his face. His awesome, glorious face.
With hair more like Mikkelsen than like Hannibal Lecter XD
 Another one to see well the back of his head, not really well combed, not in Hannibal's style XD
 Oh god, he looks so sad in this screenshot... Perhaps it is a deep inner sadness that shows in some external microexpressions not controlled, you know, the ones that last a few milliseconds.
Or maybe it's me who wants to see an explanation for everything.
Goddamn! But for everything exists an explanation.
 Hannibal with his killer puppy eyes.
And what he's watching with his puppy eyes?
We don't know. But what we will see are... torture instruments.
Yay! Yay! Yay! YAAAAY!
Go! Evviva! Yahu! Viva viva!

*The inscription more beautiful and exciting of all time.*
And now...
What we see in the middle,  under winged demons and dragons, are you, Hannibal?
You have a green jacket? Have you realized my dream to see you in a green jacket or it's fault of the light? Anyway, come here, let me embrace you, as you grew up, my boy...
And what a beautiful place we have here! 
And then... dragons and winged demons. I love love love all of this.

 And there's Bedelia.
Where you go, girl? Where you run?

A note that's interesting is that I do never cared much about Bedelia. No hate the character, quiet, I do not hate anyone ... just ... I did not have much interest. But now I'm curious to know what will happen to her.
Now, another time...
With, you know, a little of fog and all the graves and the grass... like if it's popped out from an old book!

Yes. All that shaking hands with Hannibal. The stranger is better than you, I know, dear Italian professors. We know that (and i'm Italian).
Anyway, we can see that is jacket is striped and maybe dark green. 
Oh, dark green...
 And here is a woman with rifle threatening Will dressed Sherlock.
 Who is she? Where did she come from? Why I think it's Molly? Why I WANT whe to be Molly?
Molly Molly Molly Molly Molly... threatening Will. And then falling in love with him. 
It's a good plot.
 Bedelia. Bedelia in white. She seems to me... skinny. Eat, Bedelia. Also, since Hannibal in that scene does not have the blue jacket, I think this man who touches her shoulder is not Hannibal.
 Let's see closer Bedelia's face
Yes. Anatomical drawings. So Hannibal-ish. They reminds me of all the fandom.
 The fannibals use anatomical drawings, old and "artistic" ones , to make photomanipulation, at the beginning of fanvids, for the fanart and maybe some also use them as wallpaper XD
Shh! Our dear Hannibal is working. 
The first screenshots of the trailer that I saw was this and I thought it looked like a scene from a good historical representation.
And that outfit, by the way, is adorable.
The ring! Here the ring is seen very clearly.
Once again, great use of the set. I love the color, love the light, I love the way the camera moves.
A museum!

Then we have Will opening a round door that reminds me the one of the Hobbit's (or smurfs) houses.

But instead of doing him enter the house of Papa Smurf, it does have access to a basement.
My sister and I we just role-played a short story in which, in the basement, there are ninja turtles. You know, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo ...
Italian artists. And we are in Italy (both we and the underground).
Bad joke, I know.

Down there with Will, in the darkness, there is also Hannibal.
Like  said: "And isn't that a great metaphor, too? One can analyze so much"
 It seems that  he is heading toward him. But it's only an illusion.
 "Hannibal" said Will, calling him by his first name for the first time.
It's important. Really important. It's... intimacy. 
But I want to make you notice also the beautiful scenery, the light and the darkness, and... it seems like a fantasy film. A dungeon built by dwarfs, maybe. Or the underground lair of a demon.
Hannibal. His back. Here we understand that it was not walking toward Will. Maybe they can not even see each other. But he can hear Will's voice, clearly, so he stops. Stops walking.

And here is the moment when the whole fandom faints and dies.
"I forgive you".
He has forgiven! You see, he has forgiven! Tell me that is real and not a kind of fantasy of Hannibal in his memory palace.
But I do not think that. I say it's real.

 Also, I would like to note the particularity of the shots from the bottom when there's Hugh Dancy ... the huge asymmetry of his nostrils that I always forget when I draw fanarts.
 And what does Hannibal after such a declaration? He walks away.
 But it is perfectly understandable. Probably he's scared. He gutted Will, now he thinks that Will wants to do the same with him.
 If I were Will, I would seek revenge, I would not have given forgiveness. Fortunately, I'm not Will.
And this is the end of the trailer.
Notice the red logo of NBC (normally isn't rainbow colored?).
We see the airing date. It reminds us that we have to wait until the summer to see Hannibal. And this would depress us all, if we did not know that the wait will be more than rewarded better than super, with an awesome show.

Oh course I could not resist drawing a celebration fan art for the trailer.
Did you like it?

Save the Hannigram

Save that ravenstag that we can call Hannigram! XD
Seriously ... I do not know if I'm ready to let go of all the complex, destructive, wonderful relationship that had formed between Hannibal and Will. Beat each other, psychoanalyze each other, send the killer to kill each other, adopt surrogate daughters and cook together, but do not turn away each other!

I was so blind...

Some months ago, I draw this...
Can I dream? I can dream that Hannibal returns, he apologizes and is forgiven? I can dream Bedelia in an outfit of the color of the French flag? I can dream of a Jack Crawford still alive, safe and sane?
Dreaming is free. And then I dream.

mercoledì 21 gennaio 2015

Little shop of Cannibal - collection of illustrations

I'm simply in love with an Hannibal altern called "Little Shop of Cannibals" and created by stupidcrown on Tumblr ( )
Hannibal!Plant (and his relation with Will) is adorable XD
And I love gardening. So, I decided to do some fanarts about this AU.

Some general anatomy about Plant!Hannibal (and the other human plants).
Inspired by an Hannibal alternative universe called "Little Shop of Cannibals" and created by stupidcrown on Tumblr ( ).
Now I've decided to improve my personal universe with Plant!Hannibal XD

If they were plants, according to other Fannibals...
Abigail is Selaginella lepidophylla, know also as "rose of jericho" or "resurrection plant" and it can survive almost complete dessiccation!
Jack is the gigantic Adansonia gregorii, an Australian tree large and hollow, capable of shelter a person... or several...
 Frederick Chilton is the little, fascinating, Monotropa Uniflora: unlike most plants, it is white and does not contain chlorophyll. Instead of generating energy from sunlight, it is parasitic. 
 Freddie is Tetrameles Nudifloras. With its invasive roots can go anywhere and is why it seems to feel compelled to do the "work of the paparazzi." This species grows as a large three that often contains large hollows in the trunk or branches. Many specimen have grown to immense proportion of height and width. 
Mason is Drosera rotundifolia (the common sundew or round-leaved sundew) is a species of sundew, a carnivorous plant often found in bogs, marshes and fens. The plant feeds on insects, which are attracted to its bright red colour and its glistening drops of mucilage, loaded with a sugary substance, covering its leaves.
Margot is Laelia bahiensis, a beautiful brazilian orchid. His flower stalk is tall and grows from 30-70 cm tall and has 4 to 12 flowers clustered at the top of the spike.

And here all the explanations for this AU (click to open):