lunedì 31 agosto 2015

You who eat paintings and hurt dogs

Eating art (in the literal way) and hurting dogs are two things that I absolutely eat. Art and dogs, c'mon! They're beautiful and need only love and protection.

Exoterism - Page 24




 If you can't read the dialogues in the ballon, because the page is too little, remember that you can save the image in his full size... simply saving the image.

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Auntie Alana will help you

Just a random "Digestivo" thought... Alana fixed the day, by freeing Hannibal and making him promise of helping Will. As ever, "auntie Alana" takes care of her little Will, while (almost) everyone other seems wanting to destroy him.
And, also, I had to draw that shirt and tie because of their awesomeness.

domenica 30 agosto 2015


It's done.
The third season is now concluded, we had an awesome season finale and someone says that is a series finale, but anyway...
This is my little tribute to the cast and crew. #BigFannibalHug
Also, this work is also available as t-shirt, prints and other things HERE

 Also, this work is also available as t-shirt, prints and other things HERE

mercoledì 26 agosto 2015

Art of the month - August 2015

My choice of Hannibal fanarts of this month, among the best works of the other artists (in this post, no one of the fanarts is mine). 
Ps. Every piece of art of these is available as art print and other product: click on them to go to the page (also to discover who is the author of each masterpiece!) and purchase some good things for you, Fannibal! Also, this way you can support all these fabulous artists.

martedì 25 agosto 2015

Exoterism - WIP pages 24 & 25

Work in progress, soon the colored and with dialogues version. In the meanwhile, why don't you read (or re-read) the previous pages? READ

Exoterism - Page 23




 If you can't read the dialogues in the ballon, because the page is too little, remember that you can save the image in his full size... simply saving the image.

lunedì 24 agosto 2015

AT - Watching the avengers

Will Graham and Abigail Hobbs watching the Avengers for :iconjokerxrachelxnut:JokerxRachelxNUT
I'm a little bit late with this, and I know that it's not perfect... but, well, I tried.
Thanks for the patience.

Her part of the art trade is here (click on it to see it on Tumblr, if you want to reblog it):

sabato 22 agosto 2015


Tonight's hashtag for Hannibal is #YouOweMeAwe

Also, today is the birthday of the great Richard Armitage, the man who played Francis Dolarhyde (and the Dragon himself) in the third season of NBC Hannibal:

venerdì 21 agosto 2015

Collaboration - Two women

 Well, I always wanted to do some kind of collaboration with one of my favorite Fannibal artists, the awesome :iconalgesiras:Algesiras , and I was ready to ask her for a collab when I saw a lineart drawn by her and I tought "Yes. Yes, this is exactly what I want to color".
So I colored it. And I'm enough satisfied of the result... it's not perfect, I know it. It's not something awesome, but this is what I wanted: a work in which there are my efforts and also Algesiras'.
Thank you for the lineart, my dear!

Hey, Fannibals! Wanna color a lineart? There is this awesome project, the #fannibalcoloringbook that permits you of choosing linearts from different, awesome artists, and coloring them! Go check it: Fannibalcoloringproject
Also, I have a collection of free-to-color Hannibal-themed linearts too, in this blog: Colorable linearts

giovedì 20 agosto 2015

Chibi Molly and Will + Dogs

Ok. Ok, they're awesome. I love Molly and also her influence of Will. And I love especially her because she likes dogs, so... here a chibi representation of one of my favorite Hannibal couples with the dogs.
Oh, and look into the window... who knows who that dog is?

mercoledì 19 agosto 2015

#Fannibalcoloringbook - My chibi linearts... colored!

For the #Fannibalcoloringbook project (yes, yes, yes, there is something so fantastic! and you can download your digital coloring book HERE) I've drawn some linearts... the people seems to predilect a lot my chibis.
And here is a little compilation of different versions of my chibi page, colored by awesome artists (click on the drawing to go to the original Tumblr post):

1. Colored by Cupckageneral
2.Colored by ohshit-kxgrape-draws

3. Colored by madsmikkelfan
4. Colored by pastalava

venerdì 14 agosto 2015

Werewill - Sketches collection

Little collection of quick drawings/sketches dedicated to the Hannibal werewolf AU, the one explored in my webcomic Exoterism

A little anticipation for the next pages of Exoterism! Alana is the lowest of Will's acquietances (and also, obviously, of his friends), being high only 5 '1 "(1.55 m), and he has a crush on her.Both think their other best friend, Hannibal, is gay: so Will thinks he can not steal his girlfriend and Alana is convinced that Hannibal will never fall in love with her. Obviously they are wrong.
Also, I don't know why I used these colors:
In Exoterism, Hannibal is the protagonist's almost-human best friend.
It's very important, to him, to be almost-human: so he can be almost cannibal.