venerdì 14 agosto 2015

Werewill - Sketches collection

Little collection of quick drawings/sketches dedicated to the Hannibal werewolf AU, the one explored in my webcomic Exoterism

A little anticipation for the next pages of Exoterism! Alana is the lowest of Will's acquietances (and also, obviously, of his friends), being high only 5 '1 "(1.55 m), and he has a crush on her.Both think their other best friend, Hannibal, is gay: so Will thinks he can not steal his girlfriend and Alana is convinced that Hannibal will never fall in love with her. Obviously they are wrong.
Also, I don't know why I used these colors:
In Exoterism, Hannibal is the protagonist's almost-human best friend.
It's very important, to him, to be almost-human: so he can be almost cannibal.