venerdì 21 agosto 2015

Collaboration - Two women

 Well, I always wanted to do some kind of collaboration with one of my favorite Fannibal artists, the awesome :iconalgesiras:Algesiras , and I was ready to ask her for a collab when I saw a lineart drawn by her and I tought "Yes. Yes, this is exactly what I want to color".
So I colored it. And I'm enough satisfied of the result... it's not perfect, I know it. It's not something awesome, but this is what I wanted: a work in which there are my efforts and also Algesiras'.
Thank you for the lineart, my dear!

Hey, Fannibals! Wanna color a lineart? There is this awesome project, the #fannibalcoloringbook that permits you of choosing linearts from different, awesome artists, and coloring them! Go check it: Fannibalcoloringproject
Also, I have a collection of free-to-color Hannibal-themed linearts too, in this blog: Colorable linearts