martedì 23 giugno 2015


At this point, probably, everyone of you already know the news.
NBC decided to cancel Hannibal.
It's not a joke, even if we wanted to be so: there won't be a fourth season for us, or at least not on NBC.
We need a new home! A new network!
Tweet #SaveHannibal and help us finding a new home (also, write what this series means for you... it's important to make know how much Hannibal is loved!)
Here is some "support art" that I've done and that you can rt (click on them to go to the tweet):

Oh, and here some tweet full of indignation randomly chosen in the tag:


De Laurentiis Co is trying its best to save Hannibal, and in the meantime, we must do everything we can to help! Here are some actions:
  • CALL:
    Netflix Customer Service 1-866-579-7172
  • GRAPHICS: All this taken into account, this is even more reason to give creative content a boost, show them how much Hannibal is adored.
    Netflix, Inc.
    100 Winchester Circle
    Los Gatos, CA 95032, USA
    Hulu, Inc.
    2500 Broadway 2nd Floor
    Santa Monica, CA 90404
    (310) 571-4700
  • WRITE TO AMAZON: Inc. Instant Video Department
    1200 12th Ave. South, Suite 1200
    Seattle, WA 98144-2734
    Shows such as Chuck andCommunity received renewals because fans went to main corporate sponsors and showed enthusiasm for the show. We don’t have integrated advertising in Hannibal, but finding and supporting its main corporate sponsor may still be a helpful angle.
  • TWITTER: #SaveHannibal #Hannibal @hulu, @netflix, @hulu_support,@AmazonVideo
    We need to try and get the tag treading as many days as possible.
    It only takes a few seconds out of your day guys, come on, do it
    for the team.
  • PETITIONS: NBC, Netflix: Renew Hannibal
  • Cranesforhannibal
    Get crafty, send off some cranes to some networks.
Even if you’re not a Fannibal, please help us keep our show.
It means so much to many people. Hannibal brought us band of misfit strays all together and made us a family, we got to laugh at Lecter’s puns, cry at Will Graham crying and drool over some truly amazing people food together and we don’t want this experience to end yet! So we call out to all the fandoms (Yes YOU) that know the horrific feeling of having their show be in danger of cancellation. Help us, don’t stand by and watch,that’s rude.

domenica 21 giugno 2015

Jazzi Crozzi - the band

We were talking on twitter about the name of the couple Jack+Pazzi... and the result was "Jazzi Crozzi" or "JazziCrozzi", and they can be abbreviated as Jazzi or Crozzi depending on personal tastes...
@RobotHeartSquid said "Jazzi Crozzi sounds like a foreign 80s synth pop band. :-D"
So, here is your Jazzi Crozzi band! With Jack playing the keytar, yay!

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Bad Blood - Comparation

I suddenly begin to understand why chosen to advise fannibal to listen (and maybe even see the video) of "Bad Blood" by Taylor swift...

sabato 20 giugno 2015

Yoga lessons with stagenstein

Stagenstein is a very flessible creature, indeed it have no bones. So it's a great yoga instructor. Doodle requested by

venerdì 19 giugno 2015

Happy birthday, Hugh Dancy

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a beautiful English model who was advertising the Burberry and many other branded jackets and coats. His name was Hugh Michael Horace Dancy.  
This guy had curly and dark soft hair, large clear eyes and his face was a little asymmetrical. Above all, he had asymmetrical nostrils.
But we forgave his asymmetrical nostrils, partly because we do not care that much: he was gorgeous. But not only gorgeous, eh!
He was in fact very good at acting. Many of us already knew, someone else found out watching NBC Hannibal, where his acting skills were unthinkable and fantastic.
Also, he is hilarious... especially when opposed to the co-star in Hannibal, Mads Mikkelsen.

Today is his birthday! Well, it's also my father's birthday, but, hey, this is a blog dedicated to NBC Hannibal, so I guess no one is interested in my father's birthday...
Make a wish! Today's wishes come true ... as long as they include Hugh Dancy.

Anyway, now we have to draw something, a tribute to this manly man, this manly cutiepie man. But what?
Let's do something simple... chibis!

Oh, yeah... do you know that Hugh Dancy can... bellydance?

And last but not least... happy birthday to my father too.

Disclaimer: The drawings are mine, but I do not know who has done the gifs, if it was you, let me know! I will quote the sources and put a link to the original post. Thanks!

giovedì 18 giugno 2015


Tonight is an Hannibal night, with the new episode, Secondo! If you are a Fannibal, or just want to help, tweet with the hastags #Hannibal and #SnailedIt tonight!

The Great Dad Dragon

And what if Francis Dolarhyde had been captured, brought to the psychiatric hospital, cared for and rehabilitated? If instead of mental disorders and the murderous rampage had remained in him only a great passion for the fantasy? And what if Francis Dolarhyde had then married Reba McLane? And if they had three children?
Here's the Great Dad Dragon.

martedì 16 giugno 2015

domenica 14 giugno 2015

Hannibal - Dog Breeds chibi sketch

We have chosen a dog breed for every main character of NBC Hannibal, based both on their appearances and character.
Will Graham with a shiba
Hannibal Lecter with a weimaraner
Jack Crawford with a mastino napoletano
Bedelia Du Maurier with a afghan hound
Alana Bloom with a rottweiler