lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

Faun and Bacchante

I promised to Aquila Audax to draw a fanart inspired by classical paintings. She often take inspiration from William-Adolphe Bouguerau's paintings, so I decided to do the same! The poses are from Faun and Bacchante, one of my favorite Bouguerau's paintings (because I love these kind of mythology), but they're Faun!Will (with antlers instead of horns) and Nymph!Alana.
But I can't paint (not with real brushes and stuff) so I used black ballpoint pen for all the drawing. And... look! There is a wild Hannibal that bathes behind them XD

The original painting is this:

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domenica 28 febbraio 2016

Exoterism - Page 62

"Just put your paws up
'cause you were born this way, baby"

-Born this way, Lady Gaga




 If you can't read the dialogues in the ballon, because the page is too little, remember that you can save the image in his full size... simply saving the image.

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Exoterism sketches 2

New pages of sketches related to the story of Exoterism
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mercoledì 24 febbraio 2016

Hannibloom - The mistress

“Power is a fickle mistress, easy to seduce, but even easier to lose. That's how it works. One moment she is your closest confidant, whispering the secrets of the universe into your ear; the next, she is your vilest oppressor—and once her ears close to your plights you are well and truly screwed.”
Nenia Campbell,
Bleeds My Desire

I had to finish this, no matter what... and finally I found a little bit of free time, so here it is! Alana Bloom and Hannibal Lecter from Bryan Fuller's Hannibal.

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domenica 21 febbraio 2016

Just dance collection!

I love so much this videogame... (I have the version for Wii of Just Dance 2014).
Sometimes I can't help but imagine the characters of Hannibal dancing the choreographies of Just Dance, so I decided to share these "visions" with all of you. I'll draw a piece for every song of Just Dance 2014 (and some for my favorites songs of the other versions).
I can't draw all of them in the same time, so, of course, I will update this collection ;)
Here they are (click on the titles to see the choreographies!):

 1. Alfonso signorini

2. Rich Girl (chair) 

giovedì 18 febbraio 2016

If you're a killer and you know it...

... clap your hands XD

 “We live in a black and white society
and I’m so proud of you,
of all of you,
for showing shades of red.” [x]

Collab with a fellow fannibal friend, thepiepiepies , 
She drew the sketch base and Alana, I've done Hannibal, the background (with the moray eel) and the color.
Of course patrons will receive a zip pack with the HQ file and all the WIPs stages, starting from the sketch!
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HERE you can see it on Deviantart
And HERE on twitter

Some details:

mercoledì 17 febbraio 2016

Exoterism - Page 61

“A gentleman is simply a patient wolf.”

Lana Turner




 If you can't read the dialogues in the ballon, because the page is too little, remember that you can save the image in his full size... simply saving the image.

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lunedì 15 febbraio 2016

Collabs with meduszoa

Collaboration with the very nice @meduszoa ( )
Lineart by her, color by  me and a lot of fun coloring it!
Clearly inspired by @camilleflyingrotten's AU where Will is a half-stag creature (even if I have a sort of AU, created after seeing her very cute comics, where Will isn't an half-stag but a strange faun, with deer antlers and not goat horns and he's in love with a wood nymph and a Wendigo that pretends to be a very big and weird faun, aka Hannibal).

Only regret? That the lineart was so small! For the rest it's perfect!

If you want to see the lineart, also, here it is (click on it if you want to see the original blog post):

And there is what she colored for me (click on the image to see the original post in HQ on the meduszoa blog):
 Colored version of @hannibalartblog&rsquo;s drawing! I like to think the snakes are named Will and Mischa.
And this was the lineart (drawn by me) :

30 sketches (January/February)

1. Dancing Hannibal and Will because @hchannibloom likes dancing poses.

2. Hannibal and Alana Bloom, because they're beautiful separately and together <3

3.  I tried to do a Chilton because cicadaemon  likes it and a dance pose because  @hchannibloom likes dancing poses.
The result is obscene. But I still think that Frederick would be a great pole dancer.
4. I guess I play too much at Just Dance and I love too much these three...

5.  Requested by @hchannibloom:  it's marlana enough for you? ;)
6. Requested by @hchannibloom:  Fluffy Alannigram!

7. Exoterism's Wendigo!Hannibal and Werewolf!Will. Running. Because I feel weak and I need to draw something energetic and full of life.
8.  Sometimes I really don't know what to draw... so I start to do sketches while watching AquilaAudax livestreams. And these times are the ones in which my sketches are the best XD
Hannibal and Will, underwater, after the WOTL fall off the cliff.
9. Will Graham x Beverly Katz is Cicadaemon's favorite pairing. So, here it is!
10.  Alana dreams (or hallucinates) of Wendigo!Hannibal. This concept will be explored better in Exoterism.
Anyway, it's one of  my favorite to draw!

11. Today's sketch is a "draw your OTP like this". In this case is an OT3. I have the sensation that would have been much better if I had drawn Hannibal and Will role-swapped, but, oh well...
Oh, and maybe this sketch will become something more, I can color it...

Oh, and this is the original pic with the poses:
12. Today's sketch is for's bestie, who likes Hannigram!
13. Today I don't have time to come up with something better, so here's a quick Wendigo!Hannibal.
14. Aquila Audax was drawing antlers. So I've drawn antlers too. 
15.  Requested by thepiepiepies ,  Beverly doing science things ;)
16.Requested by thepiepiepies ,  Hannibal and Abigail watching tv.
17. Wendigo!Hannibal and Faun!Will. Because I promised to draw them. I like this sketch, maybe it will become a complete drawing!
18.  A Willana fanart is really rare in this fandom, but a Willana AU fanart is unique ;)
So, Alana as a nymph and Will as faun.
I've saved the lineart of this (and a lot of other drawings...) and I would like to color it, but I don't know if I will have the time for this...
19. I've drawn Faun!Will and Wendigo!Hannibal, then Faun!Will and Nymph!Alana. It's time for Hannibal and Alana, now!

20. So, today only a bunch of quick sketches about that AU (and quotes from our yesterday RPG session XD) !
Ps. The centaur that Alana wants to kill is Jack.

21.  I've drawn Faun!Will and Wendigo!Hannibal, then Faun!Will and Nymph!Alana. and Wendigo!Hannibal with Nymph!Alana.
Now, all three together! Yay!

22. Today we exit from the greek AU and return (I don't know for how long XD) to the normality with an half-naked Will Graham.

23. Requested by thepiepiepies ,  Alana and her lady dancing. But I was listening to the song "Rich Girl", so, this is the result XD

24. Today we return in the greek myth AU... and, I know it, this is a little more than a normal sketch, but, well, yesterday I was productive.
So, Faun!Will and Wendigo!Hannibal enjoy stars and fireflies.

25. Requested by @hchannibloom, some sexy Willana that reminds me that I have to draw more of these two...
26. I don't know what to draw, I had to cook a thing, so here's a quick saint Hannibal, patron of demise and cannibalism.

27. Quick Hannigram sketch because it's easy to draw.

"You told I had the eyes of a wolf
Search them and find the beauty of the beast

All of my songs can only be composed of the greatest of pains
Every single verse can only be born of the greatest of wishes
I wish I had one more night to live"
-Beauty of the beast, Nightwish

Exoterism illustration. "Beauty of the beast" is, like, the official theme of the webcomic XD
29. Happy St.Valentine's day! Let's celebrate with some cute (and pink) Willana!

30. And... nothing, Will inspired me this.

And this was also the last of the 30 days sketch challenge!
Ah, I've done it!
But if you think that now I can relax... uhm, no. The challenge will continues, I will continue to draw at least an Hannibal sketch per day. With a little difference: the sketches will be visible only to all  my +$2 patrons, who kindly are supporting me in this adventure! (Also, say thanks to sunkawakan, cicadaemon and : they sponsored this project and made possible for you all to see these 30 daily sketches!)
If you want to suggest the theme of the next sketches (it will be like having a request everyday!), why you don't consider supporting us on Patreon? It would be absolutely cool and you will be even more involved in the creative process (and also covered in fresh, new, exclusive Hannibal art!), you would be able to "peek behind the curtains", seeing a lot of WIPs, exclusive projects in preview, photos and much, much more!

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