martedì 9 febbraio 2016

Gentleman Vanitas

Oh! So much time that I don't do a true drawing in black ballpoint pen! I saw an image with a pose that (metaphorically) spoke to me and said "you have to draw Doctor Hannibal Lecter in this position. Don't say "but I have to do other things". Do it. NOW".
I obeyed to the voice in my mind and this is the result!
All my +5 patrons will receive a zip pack with the ballpoint pen version, an intermediate WIP version and the HQ, full resolution file (and if you are already a patron, you can download it  HERE)!
And because literally everything in this drawing is a metaphor, who can spot ALL the symbolisms will win a sketch! YAY!

Also, if you want to purchase a sticker, a t-shirt, a print or any product with this drawing on it,HERE YOU CAN GO

If you want to see the original image, which inspired me, here it is:
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