martedì 30 dicembre 2014

Shiizakana - Kill
A little sketch done in black ballpoint pen for celebrating the episode "Shiizakana"... Will Grahama has found his beast.

Hannibloom - Capture a Wendigo
I wanted to draw something "strong" that involved physical activity... something sweaty... a hunt. Maybe a little fight. Not a real fight, of course, you know who will win for real... The Wendigo let himself captured by Alana. It's a game. And she can demonstrate her dominance :eyes:

Hannigram - On my shoulder
Colored version of this:
I'm totally fascinated by this dark Will... so, Will and Hannibal.

Hannibloom - Dominance 1
Colored version of this:

Some other Hannibloom... because I'm inspired to draw this. Alana as dominant. Yeah. Because we need a submissive Hannibal Lecter.

Bedelia's point of view
So... Bedelia DuMaurier. Smart character, even if I don't like her so much (I don't like characters that are "cold", you know, it's only my personal taste)... but she deserves a little tribute, so, here a chibi comic!

lunedì 29 dicembre 2014

Hannibloom - She has a gun, run run run!
I've drawn this so much time ago...
Thinking of something that could happen in the finale of the second season. And here's a scene that, yes, seems a bit what happened in the finale...

Hannibal - Moral Dilemma
So... Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. Now Will knows. Will he eat the same what Hannibal cooks?

Hannigram - Kiss on the cheek
Quickly colored version of this:
Almost every fannibal has drawn an Hannigram kiss XD
So, here mine. But on the cheek. Cute :heart:

Hannibloom - The Moth and the Candle

Quickly colored version of this one:
More Hannibloom sketches, yay!

Hannibloom - Walking
I'm in the mood of sketching and coloring sketches about this two XD
So, here another Hannibloom scene. Simply walking.

domenica 28 dicembre 2014

Alannigram - stay away from Hannibal Lecter

These three were friends for, like, a single episode during the second season... in all the first part of the season, Will badly wanted to murder Hannibal, then in a couple (or three?) episodes Alana thought that Will wanted to kill Hannibal (and it's true), then for a single episode they were friends, and then Will said to Alana that Hannibal is a cannibal and in the last one, Mizumono... well, this is a spoiler. Or not. Simply everyone now knows the second season's finale, the bloodbath, the horror, the death, the surpise, then again the horror.
And the not-friendship, of course.

Alannigram - Manipulation pyramid
Another sketch of mine. Colored version of this one:

And I simply love this three characters. Hehe, Alannigram..
And... who can understand the meaning of this?
Isn't difficult...

sabato 27 dicembre 2014

Alannigram - Baking cookies
In a festive period, it's important to do some things together... like baking cookies!
Colored version of this very quick sketch:
I simply love this three characters (+Jack Crawford, you can see him in the window). Hehe, Alannigram... cooking together, this time!

Confessions Of A Fannibal: [news post!]

Confessions Of A Fannibal: [news post!]: I have been wanting to do a newsy post for a while so here we go: 1)Joe Anderson replaced Michael Pitt as Mason Verger. I haven't real... [Click here to continue reading]

venerdì 26 dicembre 2014

I live for the applause
I was listening to "Applause", that lady Gaga song, and... this is the result. A colored sketch of Hannibal Lecter XD
This is also my life philosophy, I suppose: living for the applause, for the appreciation. Oh, but I think that the artists that live for appreciation are so much... 

mercoledì 24 dicembre 2014

Happy Hannidays 2014

Merry Christmas!
Happy Yule!
Let's celebrate the Sol Invictus!
And, also, good luck to the atheists!
And Happy Holidays to all the Fannibals! 
Merry Christmas also from all the characters that actually are in the Adventures of Provolino's comic!
In no order: Integra Farburke Wingates Hellsing, Alucard, Seras Victoria, Walter C. Dorneaz, Provolino, Will Graham, Hannibal Lecter, Alana Bloom, Micione (the cat) and Winston (the dog).
Except from Provolino and Micione, I don't own any of this characters.

The artist of the month - January 2015

Is one of the most appreciate artist of the fandom
Her mixed technique, half photomanipulation and half digital painting, is simply stunning

But she do also pure digital painting (especially portraits)
Or even traditional art!

And she's also the owner of one of the best collection of Hannibal fanarts

  Visit her awesome gallery (on Deviantart) HERE

And the most important thing: 

We will have an interview with her in the new issue of "Fannibals"!
So stay with us! The issue #1 of the magazine should be released 1st of 2n January!

To download (totally for free) the issue #0 of "Fannibals", go HERE

lunedì 22 dicembre 2014

Hannibal - Little collection #2 : Baby Marine Au

The Merman alternative universe, where Hannibal is the sea warlock and Will the "poor unfortunate soul", it's now pretty popular among the fannibals.
But... can you imagine how cute can be Octo-Hanni and Mer-Willy when they was babies?

Here all the llustrations for our "little mermaid-Hannibal" AU, inspired by a story written by gabrielsangel... but with the protagonists when they were young, hehe!

1. Baby Octo-Hannibal discover his dark powers, yay!

2. Young Will and a singing choir.

"Will was always the "Cute" child in the family. While others knew that they had the responsibility of the kingdom on their shoulders, Will was the image of loveliness in his family. Despite his shy disposition, he loved his family, though he often enjoyed his time alone in though. His most precious gift, by far, however, was that of his golden voice. A voice that charmed all who heard it. His father, adoring it the most by far, often had Will sing in choirs and at royal ceremonies. Will, however, not one for dressing up and performing, found no joy in it. He didn't wish to show off. After a while, the king found how displeased his son was by performing and helped him find an interest in sea history and ((unknown to the king)) human life."
- gabrielsangel

3. Baby Octo-Hannibal and a tie.

4. Baby Merman Will swimming.

5. Swimming baby Octo-Hannibal

6.  Baby merman Will with his garden with red flowers (all you know the little merman story, right?).

7. Baby Mer!Will in the moment he decided to dress nevermore XD

8. Baby Octo-Hannibal discover his true nature...

9. Poor baby Merman Will is crying...

10. Simply a shy Baby Merman Will...

11. Baby Octo-Hannibal eat fish. Hehe.

12. Baby Octo-Hannibal sleeping.

13. Baby octo Hannibal and a rock


sabato 20 dicembre 2014

Hannibal collection : Minies(S1-S3)

All the characters from season 1 to 3 of Hannibal and all the OC's created during this time


Normal characters from NBC Hannibal
Hallucinations and other gross things

Cast (Actors, writers, etc.)

Alternative universes 
1. Merman Universe (also called Sea universe)

OC's from the Merman Universe

Ellie was created by gabrielsangel
 2.Werewolf Universe

 OC's from the werewolf universe