lunedì 15 febbraio 2016

Collabs with meduszoa

Collaboration with the very nice @meduszoa ( )
Lineart by her, color by  me and a lot of fun coloring it!
Clearly inspired by @camilleflyingrotten's AU where Will is a half-stag creature (even if I have a sort of AU, created after seeing her very cute comics, where Will isn't an half-stag but a strange faun, with deer antlers and not goat horns and he's in love with a wood nymph and a Wendigo that pretends to be a very big and weird faun, aka Hannibal).

Only regret? That the lineart was so small! For the rest it's perfect!

If you want to see the lineart, also, here it is (click on it if you want to see the original blog post):

And there is what she colored for me (click on the image to see the original post in HQ on the meduszoa blog):
 Colored version of @hannibalartblog’s drawing! I like to think the snakes are named Will and Mischa.
And this was the lineart (drawn by me) :