martedì 15 settembre 2015


I know... Asdrubale isn't an official NBC Hannibal character... but it's an important piece of my webcomic Exoterism, which is based on NBC Hannibal. So here is a page... all dedicated to him (and his interactions with the world...).

And here we have a reference sheet of his feral form (aka when he seems a dog), kindly drawn by Matt-Darkpaw

Will and Asdrubale together: Will Graham loves a lot his bigger dog, even if it's a weredog and if it seems that Asdrubale tried to kill Hannibal.
I just realized that the protagonists of our two webcomic are perfectly opposites: one is a vampire and the other is a werewolf. One has a cat-vampire and the other has a were-dog (plus seven other normal dogs).
So, Provolino vs Will and Micione vs Asdrubale.

The protagonists of my webcomic , humans and werewolves (and the weredog Asdrubale... and the plushie Yoshi XD).

Human form and quick reference sheet:

 So, if every dog have a collar, why he doesn't have one? Here's the reason.

All we know about Asdrubale:
  • He was adopted by Will when he was only a four months old puppy, abandoned at Graham's door by an ambulant cookers repairer.
  • He is half labrador and half werewolf .
  • He has a lot of brothers, but Will never saw one of them.
  • His former name was "Daisy", then he was named by his new master "Asdrubale" because of his resemblance (or so Will said) with Hannibal (Hasdrubal, in Italian Asdrubale, was one of the brothers of the famous conqueror Hannibal)
  • His auspice is "Ragabash": Ragabash, children of the darkest nights, often act as the scouts and spies for their packs, as well as offering their irreverent ideas
    and alternative plans for their packmates’ consideration. But he is probably crazy, so his auspice is almost unrecognizable.
  • Hannibal calls him "Satan".
  • His nails are black even in human form and the feet (and hands) are webbed.
  • He can walk on metal and glass walls.
  • He can't speak nor bark nor talk in every existing language (sign languages too).
  • One time he had a collar bought by Hannibal. A very expensive collar. Then he destroyed it.
  • The first page in which he appeared in the comic is THIS