venerdì 18 settembre 2015

Beverly (Were)Katz

"Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.”
Robert A. Heinlein

Exoterism will be a complex webcomic, with different races, species and tribes. So, why not insert also some werecats? Thanks for the idea to  and @empathicgraham!

Werewolves and werecats are really different creatures: the have in common the prefix "were" only for convenience, as they are NOT like two sides of the same coin, they are distinct creatures and united only by the ability to mutate.
The werewolves are profoundly linked to the moon and its phases and to the beast inside them, werecats are not linked at all with the moon and their transformations are completely controlled by their will.
Both are contagious, but the bite of a werewolf on a person predisposed to become a werecat not turn she/it into a wolf, but a cat, and vice versa.
The bite of a werewolf (or werecat) simply activate that portion of the DNA that encodes the ability to transform, and that's why when Adrubale has bitten Beverly, she has become not a werewolf, but a werecat.

She have three base forms: the crinos (an hybrid between cat and human, bipedal), the human form and the feral form, who resembles a muscular panther, but with a lot more of hair around the neck (in her case, because the mane can change a lot of volume, being related to how long is the hair in the human that mutates). 
The fact that Will is a werewolf and Beverly a cat does not mean that the two should be enemies: their two species are not even in competition for food, because the werewolves hunt large prey (such as bison, wild boars and horses) while werecats eats considerably smaller prey animals, such as goats, sheeps, prairie dogs, mice and rats. Also, while werewolves hunt in packs, werecats had to do it alone, so they can't catch large animals.
Not all the werecats have short fur on their body, someone have long coat, like persian cats, but Beverly's one is medium-short and this forms the basis for one of the most frequent Will's jokes about the fact that  her friend Beverly can go for a walk naked when she likes, while him (at least for the first months) must observe the lunar cycle to undress in front of people without scandalizing anyone.

"They are quite real. During the Riders' years of glory, they were as renowned as the dragons. Kings and elves kept them as companions - yet the werecats were free to do whatever they chose. Very little has ever been known about them. I'm afraid that their race has become rather scarce recently… they could certainly do unusual things. They always seemed to know what was going on and somehow or another manage to get themselves involved."
— Brom
From "Eragon", by Christopher Paolini