giovedì 24 settembre 2015

A facebook group - Multishippers

Hello! Today I want to do a little of promotion for something that isn't mine. I don't use a lot facebook (for me, it's the worst site ever) but someone said to me that there was a good group for multishipper (people who like more than one or two pairings in the same show) of Hannibal and... wow. I joined it and the people in the group is very supportive and kind, but this little gem have only a few members, so I tought "Why not help them to gain more members?".
And here I am.
I've used my little chibi couples to create a new banner (I hope that the admin of the group likes it) that is the one that you can see above.
Uh, the important things...
You wanna be in the group too?
Follow the link!

And enjoy!

 A group dedicated to all the couples from Hannibal series.
Feel free to share what you like, opinions, pictures, fan art (explicit or not), fanfictions etc.
*** In order to maintain a positive atmosphere, please respect everyone's ship. No hate between shippers will be tolerated ***
So just spread the Love... and the Madness!