giovedì 7 aprile 2016

Collab - Satyrs

“[…]Water and bread,
Food which needs no transmuting,
Rainbow-flowering, wisdom-fruiting,
Wine which is already man,
Food which teach and reason can.
Wine which Music is,–
Music and wine are one,–

That I, drinking this,
Shall hear far Chaos talk with me;
Kings unborn shall walk with me;
And the poor grass shall plot and plan
What it will do when it is man.
Quickened so, will I unlock
Every crypt of every rock.
I thank the joyful juice

For all I know;–
Winds of remembering
Of the ancient being blow,
And seeming-solid walls of use
Open and flow.”

-Bacchus, Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lineart by @theseavoices, based on an AU of @wwhiskeyandbloodd, color, of course, by me, @hannibalartblog.

Hey, Fannibals! Wanna color a lineart? There is this awesome project, the #fannibalcoloringbook that permits you of choosing linearts from different, awesome artists, and coloring them! Go check it: @fannibalcoloringbook
Also, I have a little collection of free-to-color Hannibal-themed linearts too, in this blog: Colorable linearts 

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