domenica 10 aprile 2016

Bryan said "When" 2 - The elaborate dishes

 Ok. Second day of the long hiatus of hope.
What is one of the things that I miss a lot of this tv series? Hmm... the thing that brought me to watch it: food porn. Hannibal's cooking is surely one of the most weird and awesome and inspiring themes of the television. Blood and death are secondary, or at least so I feel, when you talk about cannibalism and Hannibal. What you have to consider, what you have to savor, is the taste. And, because also the eye wants his part, the complexity of the presentation is very important (especially for an artist). 
For this I want to say "thank you!" to Janice Poon (@FeedingHannibal). Her talent is immense and I, that actually can't do properly even a boiled egg, can just bow to her work. Thank you!
 Visit also her blog, Feeding Hannibal, for more fannibal things (and especially artistic food).

+++Food in "Hannibal"+++
Ahem... ops.



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