martedì 1 novembre 2016

Hannictober - Part 3

Trying to follow the Hannictober calendar, here other 5 days!
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11. “Witches” is the 11th prompt! And, as anticipied in the skanky costumes sketch, Alana and Margot are our witch queens <3
 12. “Haunted mansion” is the 12th prompt! So, here Will and Hannibal ready to enter in the Disneyland’s Haunted mansion, as suggested by JJ

13. Our favorite prompts of the entire Hannictober? Today's prompt: werewolf. We really love werewolves... so much that we have a webcomic about Hannibal and  werewolves [Exoterism, that you can read here]  in which Will, Margot and even Molly are werewolves. Basically, Alana  and Hannibal are the only non-supernatural creatures of the story XD  (not really, but the only non-supernatural main characters yes). So,  here an illustration of the entire "Le Malanove" (the Bad News) pack:  Margot, Molly, Hannibal, Alana, Will and the weredog Asdrubale.

14. Prompt #14: candies. Looks like after they have gone trick n' treating with their skanky costumes (that had an absolutely extraordinary success on the crowd of old ladies), they at at once all the candies that they received and the result is a sugar overdose.

15.  Prompt #15: leaf pile. Fluffy dogs and Will's happiness! YAY!