giovedì 20 ottobre 2016

Hannictober - part 2

Trying to follow the Hannictober calendar, here other 5 days!

6.This sketch for the Hannictober (theme: vampire) is special… because it’s not a sketch, but a collection!  Count Hannibal Lecter, with his three “brides”, Alana, Abigail and Bedelia, vs the smart and determinate, but oh so handsome, vampire Hunter Will Graham!
7. “Fake blood” is the seventh prompt! And if you say fake blood, you’re clearly saying “the fake blood king, the sinnamon roll, the one and the only Huuuuuugh DAANCY!”
8. “Woods” is the 8th prompt. And I just listened to music (especially to Come Wayward Souls ) and let the hand draw what it wanted.
9. “Demon” is the ninth prompt!
I know that usually is Hannibal that is portrayed as a demon, but what if Hannibal summons (totally by mistake) a blood-lust creature of the night by killing a victim in a particular place?
So, here the idea of a demon!Will.
10. “Skanky costumes” is the 10th prompt ! So, what about skanky, cheap, chliché werewolves costumes? And this time, there is even Jack Crawford! (Alana refused to dress up that way and is probably somewhere with Margot, both dressed as witches).