giovedì 10 novembre 2016

Are you a writer? Gimme your fanfiction!

AAA, I’m search of something to read, but since usually I read only things written by friends (because I don’t have time to read more on the net, or I would lose the use of my eyes XD), I’m not used to search fanfictions and there are so much on A03 that I’m completely lost! I don’t know what to search, I don’t have neither time to search because, well, I’m working on projects which deadline are really close and…
Can you help me find something to read?
I want a fanfiction that: is written in Italian or in English (I don’t know other languages XD), it’s NOT pure and simple Hannigram, NO smut, is pretty descriptive (because maybe I want to illustrate that fanfiction ;) and also I love descriptions!) and dark. +++++ If there is also Alana Bloom in it!
If you have written a fanfiction like that (or you know a fanfiction like that), please, make us know! (Who knows… maybe we can create some illustrations for your work!).
If you don’t know a fanfiction like that… can you please signal boost? Thank you!

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