domenica 13 novembre 2016

Alannigram - Peer review

Today is the birthday of one of our patrons, and also friend, Marion aka @alwaysalanalab  (formerly @hchannibloom), so we have decided to draw her a little present ;)
This is our reinterpretation of the cover of her novel (that will be probably published in January), Peer Review. You can see the original cover HERE
Of course it's  a little bit different (starting by the fact that the two male characters have faces), but it's a reinterpretation with the characters that inspired the protagonists, not the protagonists themselvesd ;)
We have also sent you a postcard two months ago, but since it haven't arrived yet, there's the chance that it got lost T_T. We're so sorry!
And we hope that eight hours of our time, working only with a ballpoint pen on a sheet with no preparation sketch are enough! Thank you for being our friend and our patron :)
(If someone is interested in buying a print, sticker, t-shirt, whatever you want, you can do it on RedBubble HERE )