sabato 19 marzo 2016

Werewolf gourmet - colored version!

Colored version of THIS
Illustration (sort of promo, but more like a thing that I've drawn for my own amusement) for the webcomic series Exoterism.
If you want to buy a t-shirt, or a print, a sticker, something with this drawing on it, HERE YOU CAN GO!

Thanks for my beautiful patrons that support me in this artistic adventure and make possible for me to draw other things than the commissions, aka @hchannibloom, sunkawakan (the great blue dragon, yay!), and the new arrived, Milan Turner!

 Also, for all my patrons, there is a special content related to this! The downalodable attached ZIP pack includes the black and white version, the various steps of the work in progress, and the high resolution complete work, that can be downloaded HERE

Enjoy, patrons!