mercoledì 30 marzo 2016

Hannibal sketches vol.1

Hi! Have you missed one (or more ;)) of my patrons' exclusive daily sketches?
If you are a $2+ Patron, you can download (without extra costs, of course) a ZIP file with the last 72 daily sketches HERE

If you are not a patron, you can buy the ZIP pack  (for only $3) on gumroad
Think, it's like giving me a tip for all the Hannibal fanarts that I produce any month and receiving in exchange 72 sketches, 42 of them are also never seen before (except that from my +2$ patrons, of course) ! And a lot of them are colored too.

If you want to suggest the theme of the next sketches (it will be like having a request everyday!), why you don't consider supporting us on Patreon? It would be absolutely cool and you will be even more involved in the creative process (and also covered in fresh, new, exclusive Hannibal art!), you would be able to "peek behind the curtains", seeing a lot of WIPs, exclusive projects in preview, photos and much, much more!

In two  months we'll have another sketch pack with all new sketches, suggested by my fantastic patrons! Stay tuned!