giovedì 10 marzo 2016

Hannibal's kitchen gift pack! AAHHHH!

AHHHHH! I'm dying of happiness! I just received a LOT of awesome Fannibal things from (aka Hannibal's kitchen)! *faint*
 And look at this! LOOK AT THIS! Stickers about Exoterism! That's so niiiiiceee....
Now that there are promotional stickers, it's official, I can't  give up on that project.
AAAHHH! A ton of adorable chibis stickers! (The draw is mine ;)) YAAAY! So much stickers...
 LOOK AT THIS. This will be on the wall of my room, this is sure <3
 And these are only some of the things that just arrived!
Oh, Gearhart! I'm in debt with you of a day of happiness. What I can do for you? Do you want a particular drawing? I have to promote one of your web pages? WHAT? WHAT I HAVE TO DO FOR YOU, BEAUTIFUL CREATURE?