martedì 8 marzo 2016

Greek myth AU 1

Faun!Will and Nymph!Alana relaxing with the dogs. There are other Greek myths "hidden" in the picture... how much of them can you spot?

Another Hannibal AU, one of my favorites ;)
This was born when we saw the beautiful@camilleflyingrotten's hannistag comics, but while her AU is settled in the present, we decided that Will would have been an ancient Greek faun (a strange faun, in fact, with antlers and stag hooves) and Hannibal a dangerous killer, a wendigo that came from the very far America and that pretended to be a faun (the biggest faun ever seen, probably, and with the sharpest teeth) to approach Will.  They'll become best friends... and maybe something more, uh uh. Just, they don't know the word nakama XD
And Alana? She's a nymph (and Will's best friend... and lover).
A bunch of extra sketches related to this AU can be found HERE
And I've also done an art trade with  @meduszoa featuring nymph!Alana and faun!Will: Look at it!

Ps. Send me your headcanons for this AU, probably I'll illustrate them! Plus, I want to expand that universe and I want to know your ideas.