lunedì 26 ottobre 2015

Killer pack

The complete protagonist pack from the webcomic Exoterism , "Le Malanove" (it means "the Bad News" in Calabrian dialect).
I know it is still early (we just completed the prologue and we are starting the first chapter) but I couldn't resist the idea of draqing the pack as it will be only far ahead, about in chapter 7.
We can see Hannibal (the human, he is incapable of shape-shifting and, paradoxically, the most bloodthirsty), Will (the Alpha of the pack, just behind Hannibal), Margot (the beta, the female lycan who is standing up) and, on four legs, Molly (the Alpha female, wife of Will). On the background there is Asdrubale, half dog and half werewolf, without a role in the pack (maybe pet?).
The victims are vampires.