martedì 20 ottobre 2015

Black wolf spirit

I know... the Black Wolf Spirit isn't an official NBC Hannibal character... but it's an important piece of my webcomic Exoterism, which is based on NBC Hannibal. So here is a page... all dedicated to her (and her interactions with the world...).

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All we know about the Black Wolf Spirit: 

  • We know very little...
  • Female
  • She always wear that mask, carved from the skull of an unrecognizable animal
  • She's the first creature that appears in Exoterism, the first being after the protagonist, Will Graham
  • There's a link between her and Graham
  • She don't like wendigos
  • Somewhere there is also a white wolf spirit...
EXTRA: The character drawn by other people! (click to open the original pic)

1.  By KhramChee