sabato 31 ottobre 2015

Hanniween 2015 - Exoterism version

So much pumpkins to carve and cook... purple and orange clothes... and these wolf ears... this means, perhaps, that it's time to get ready for Halloween?

Of course yes! So what we will be, tonight? Knights-skeletons? Knights skeletons. I can do face painting, I'm good with art!
We can get some good photos in the city cemetery and scare people, which among other things believe that we died after jumping from the cliff. Perhaps, we will seem authentic ghosts!
Or maybe something more classical? I will be a vampire and you a werewolf! I've already the right hair color and you're already in the shoes of a lycanthrope!
See! I don't have to dye my hair or use fake teeth! I'm ready to be a vampire, I've just to find a red cape...
If you like the idea of me being a vampire... we can do complementary costumes! Me and Alana as vampires and you as victim, what do you think? So I can bite and lick you in public and... oh, you don't like this idea? But why? You will have so much attention from us!
Ok. Maybe the better thing, like in all the movies they said, is "being yourself". We are scary enough, I'm a killer, you are a werewolf, Alana is... something scary. For real, when she's angry, she's scary. Anyway, why we don't watch a movie at home, tonight? Outside there is a terrible weather, "trick or treating" is not a good idea. 
But you have to promise that Asdrubale won't be in our same house.

Happy Halloween from the cast of Exoterism!
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