martedì 21 aprile 2015

Calling for the writers and for the fanarters - Summer issue 2015

Summer is coming! 
So, why don't contribute to the next issue of our fanzine, "Fannibals", with an illustration or a fanfiction? Of course related with the theme of the summer! So sea, sand and sun, picnics and beach volleyball! Unleash your imaginations.

For the stories, you have to know that I will personally illustrate each of the fanfictions that you will send to me (and before they arrive, the better the illustrations).
So it's also a good opportunity to get some free illustration of your favorite pairing, hehe!

Remember: no sexually explicit content. For the rest, unleash your imagination!

Think you cope? Send your fanfiction, even very short, to the e-mail  (or tag your fanart/photomanipulations, on twitter, with the hashtag #FannibalSummer ) by 1 June 2015 and you will see it illustrated and published in the next issue of Fannibals!

-Is any pairing okay (including Hannigram or Zoom or Preller or Winstonsauce?)

Each pairing can be included, tolerance and education should be the highlights of fannibals, then. Then extra points if it's really Wistonsauce (Winston-Applesauce) XD
But, just for the record, my favorite to illustrate is Hannibloom. Yay!

- And can it be kind of AU ?

And of course it can also be set in any alternative universe: the greater the difference between the fanfictions and the illustrations, the better. We want the reader to have fun.

- And can it be tragic/drama/sad/gore?

Yes.  And it can also be of any kind: we all know that the tragic (and gore) are good to those like us. But we love also the fluff, the cuteness and the happy things, of course!

-And if I can't send my story through e-mail?
Then post it where you want and send me the link! But I prefer if the story will remain "secret" until the new issue Isn't out. Same thing with the fanarts.

-What is the deadline to submit my fiction/fanart?

1 June 2015. Otherwise I don't have time to create illustrations!  And first come, the better is.

-What the hell is this "Fannibals"?
 A fanzine! So, a magazine done by the fannibals. To download (totally for free) the previous issues, go HERE