martedì 28 marzo 2017

The Sharing of The Heart

"Allegro mi sembrava Amor tenendo
meo core in mano, e ne le braccia avea
madonna involta in un drappo dormendo.
Poi la svegliava, e d'esto core ardendo
lei paventosa umilmente pascea"

(Dante Alighieri, Vita Nova, III)

Prize for the winner of our twitter raffle, @ColleenDonald25, that  asked for something with Hannibal and werewolves. So, what's better  than werewolf!Will and Wendigo!Hannibal (the protagonists of Exoterism  ), sharing a (of course human) heart? This drawing was all done in black  ballpoint pen and colored in digital art (yes, there is even a speedpaint video  that shows you how it was done ;) so I hope you'll enjoy it).
This work is also available on RedBubble here .
If you are a +$2 patron you can download HERE  the special ZIP pack with the WIP steps and the full resolution files, both in .jpg and .png format!
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Ps. Speedpaint video!