giovedì 9 marzo 2017

El Canibal vs Lobo de Sangre - Submission hold

Our two ultra favorite fandoms? Lucha Underground and NBC Hannibal! So, why don't fusing them together in a Lucha Underground Hannibal AU? In the legendary temple of the Lucha, two warriors are battling for the Gift of the Gods title: they are El Canibal, real name Hannibal Lecter, Psychiatrist by day and Luchador by night, vs Lobo de Sangre, real name Will Graham, a young but talented luchador that joined the temple trying to discover the real identity of El Canibal, sended there by his boss, Jack Crawford (Black Bear on the ring ;)).
A trail of blood (and cannibalism) leads to Lucha Underground... what if the serial killer is El Canibal? O_O
Another drawing of El Canibal (and also a speedpainting!) it's HERE
This work is also available on RedBubble  as print, t-shirt and other cool things!