giovedì 29 dicembre 2016

Hanniholidays - Part 3

Here other five prompts of the hanniholidays  (of course we decided to do a sketch for every prompts!).
Happy holidays, Fannibals!
 11.  Gingerbread house.  What's better than re-enacting the Murder Family dynamics? XD

12.Elf.  Jack's elves are working to create toys for the nice ones (and maybe even for some of the naughties... because, well, otherwise they would be unemployed XD).

13. Holiday shopping. Of course Alana and Hannibal go shopping together (also to buy some cool sorprise for Will ;) ) during holidays and Hannibal is always too much excited. Yeah, he's clearly a shopaholic.

14. Secret Santa. How much would be cool if Bryan Fuller tricked us all, being our Secret Santa, and when we all will wake up on Christmas morning they announced the season 4 of Hannibal? XD

15. Star. We haven’t planned of drawing Spacedogs for any of the prompts, but yesterday we saw (again) the movie “Adam” and so this happened. It’s a cold night of winter, but the sky is clear and beautiful, so Nigel and Adam go out… and watch the stars.
“Make a wish”
“Oh, I’ve done it. And it’s already working”