sabato 18 giugno 2016

Willana - Drunken kisses

“Alana was pliable under Will’s movements, at his words, she leaned across the table, face hovering close to his.
“I can’t promise anything Will, you know that.” She sighed.
“I just know I want you.” Her lips pressed suddenly against his, craving more than the fleeting connection she had felt with Will thus far. Will went to push her away but her mouth instinctively moved back against his as soon as he released the arms holding her at bay. Her persistence paid off, and eventually he gave up the struggle, drinking in her boozy lips and pulling her down into his lap. ”

- The Questionable Importance of Stability, by @hchannibloom


“When feasible, one should always accompany art to writing and vice versa” - me

So, here it is! Illustration for the Willana fic for #DrunkenKissesChallenge hosted by @hannibalcreative (and you can read it here: )