mercoledì 8 giugno 2016

minotaur AU

“Daedalus in countless corridors built bafflement, and hardly could himself make his way out, so puzzling was the maze. Within this labyrinth Minos shut fast the beast, half bull, half man, and fed him twice on Attic blood, lot-chosen each nine years, until the third choice mastered him. The door, so difficult, which none of those before could find again, by Ariadne’s aid was found, the thread that traced the way rewound.“ 
-Ovid, Metamorphoses

Prompt (minotaur AU) by @llewcie (why I can’t tag this user? WHYY?) for the #JustFuckmeup event by @hannibalcreative!

I know these are only a series of sketches, but I had not the time to do more today and I really wanted to illustrate this AU!
Hannibal is the boy, Will is the minotaur.

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