sabato 9 gennaio 2016

Daily sketches for you!

Now we have two patrons, the awesome @hchannibloom and cicadaemon aka Christina Kish! This means that we have to celebrate. How?
In these months I wasn't really motivated a lot to draw, but now I have to keep up with the work. To re-habituate me to drawing, I'll do an Hannibal-themed sketch every day and I'll post it on Patreon!
And, because we have to celebrate, for 30 days all the sketches will be visible to everyone, not only to patrons! And you can suggest me the next sketch ;)
Ready for all the art?
You can follow me on Patron, to see the daily sketch, but if you don't have a Patron account there's no problem! Everyday I'll post a link to the daily sketch on my twitter (you can follow )

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