giovedì 26 novembre 2015

Sticker collection - Part 1

Christmas is coming and every Fannibal is ready to buy Christmas gifts! Also, we have to respect the Hannibal advent.
So, it’s the right time to present to my fans… my Hannibal stickers on Redbubble!
Part 1 of the collection:

  1. Will and wendigo
  2. Cannibalism in two
  3. Alana and Applesauce
  4. Second season
  5. Wendigo approves
  6. The dragon and the wendigo
  7. My Will senses are tingling
  8. Be my murder husband
  9. Will and Winston
  10. New fashion look
Stay tuned! The next part of the collection will be dedicated… to the Hannibal mermaids AU!