domenica 5 luglio 2015

Fannibals - Issue #4

This issue of "Fannibals" comes out with resounding delay. But it is a delay fully justified: we all Fannibals were committed to saving, literally, Hannibal ... obviously the series, not the person. Oh yes, because NBC decided to cancel it and then our show remained without a house and has seriously threatened to not have a fourth season. Bryan Fuller has been trying to reassure us, he told us that in one way or another there will be a fourth season, but not all have the seraphic calm our showrunner. Personally I was very involved in creating art to support the cause of #SaveHannibal.
It is not just that ... it's been a busy month. And the heat (now it is very hot) does not allow me to work well: I am much more productive during the winter months.
However here we are! And it is a great period for the Fannibals, despite the cancellation of the television series: we are landing in the heart of the plot and wonderful things will happen. Last week Will was pushed off a train and Hannibal was beaten by Jack Crawford. What incredible misfortunes are still waiting for our heroes? We'll find out in the next episode!

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