giovedì 2 luglio 2015

Asdrubale and the canine sports

Asdrubale is a dog ... a little particular. And maybe iy's because he's a were-dog. So we decided to do a series of drawings in which Will, his master, make him practice different "canine sports".
Asdrubale is our OC from the webcomic "Exoterism": the story protagonists are mainly the characters of NBC Hannibal, but I think that it is enjoyable even by those who have seen the show and it's just a fan of werewolves and other dark creatures.
I do not say anything else, I leave you alone to enjoy the pages!


It's free XD
Anyway, here's the sports:


2. UD (what we in Italy call "Utilità e Difesa", "Utility and Defence")