giovedì 24 dicembre 2015

Secret Santa - A beautiful Christmas

I participed to the @hannigramholidayexchange​ event and... well, I had to do a gift for @queenoftheimps​ , whom favorites pairings are Hannibal/Will, Hannibal/Alana. I wanted to do both! With pure sugary cuteness. So I decided to do a sort of very-bad-written (I can’t write in English, sorry XD) cute short fanfiction... all illustrated!
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A Beautiful Christmas day.

The morning was cold and snowy. Hannibal, when he woke up and looked out the window, saw that it had snowed all night, so he decided to dress heavily, put his beautiful (ridiculous) furry hat and went out to enjoy the morning.
Fantastic! Everything had been whitewashed and shined brightly. Hannibal thought it would be nice to paint that winter landscape, but it was too cold to take a brush in your hand without the fingers become numb...
Even Will and Alana, his two best friends (and maybe something more...) awoke and went out. Alana put his usual dress and Will not even dressed, but remained in shirt and boxer, because the two were a-thermal, while Hannibal was chilly.

Hannibal had a habit of putting everywhere Mistletoe and even this year he had done so.
After they had gone to dress (because in the clothes was nice and warm), Will and Alana were strolling in the garden when they found themselves by chance under a sprig of mistletoe.
Oh, Hannibal, what little prank!
And he was behind the window, chuckling as he watched them, Will and Alana, that stared embarrassed at the mistletoe above them, hanging from a branch.
Ok. Even if their friend Hannibal is watching, what is the problem? Alana knows that Will likes her and Will knows that Alana likes him.
The kiss was soft and warm while the cold snow whipped their cheeks. It was like a little safe point, a fire inside the snow, the beating heart of a white dove that flies in the storm
Hannibal wanted to cheer up the atmosphere with very special... Christmas tree. Only that his idea of "very special" could be considered a little gruesome from his friends.
Will, oh that boy, he know him well: he said "Hannibal, no. You can not put a corpse quartered with a Christmas star decoration in the belly, as if Jack Crawford sees it, he will throw in jail faster than a blue marlin catch an anchovy" .
Will, though, was not innocent like he seemed! He helped Hannibal finding who's naughty and who's nice for the ultimate "Santa's list", aka "What we will eat tonight". 
Hannibal was in fact a cannibal. And, because he prepared food for his friends for months and not only for Christmas, all of them were cannibals.But it was fine. Right? They ate only bad people, rude ones and individuals that was useless for the society and transformed them in beautiful dishes.
It wasn't simple to find out all the naught people of the city... and kill them in a night. But, together, with the force of the friendship and love, they  managed to finish in time!
Hannibal was a great cook, and prepared the... uhm, the preys in a delicious recipe! But that day was Christmas, so he couldn't simply prepare some bits of human meat.
And, as every time he does, he prepared really too much things for only three people. The air smelled like succulent food and sugar and honey. Wow, that table was awesome! Full of decoration and food, with pasta and polenta, with steaks and oysters, pudding and chocolate.
Then it was the moment to open the gifts! The dogs (Will had seven dogs, Alana one) were everywhere, happy as the humans because they would have received presents too!
And Alana gifted Will also with a little kiss.
Hannibal was chilly, so his friends gave him a blanket too. But the fire was high and hot and hot were also his friends. The more Hannibal watched Will, the more he fell warm and happy. But everyone would be happy and warm if surrounded by puppies, Christmas gifts and with Will Graham embracing him...
And in the end, like every evening together, Will read to them a story. He was put in the middle, Alana on the left and Hannibal on his right, and they listened to his beautiful, soothing voice ("He's so manly!" said Alana to Hannibal, smirking, and he replied "I know, right?") while he read fluently the words, making them flow in a chain that become an adventure.
What kind of book it was? Who were the protagonist? And why they were smiling? Well... this is another story.
All you need to know is that there was some mistletoe between Hannibal and Will. And Hannibal was inflexible about respecting tradition, it was necessary!

Anyway, it was a beautiful Christmas!

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