mercoledì 13 maggio 2015

666 Followers on tumblr! So, virtual giveaway.

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666 Followers on tumblr! Thank you!
Oh, finally the 666 followers! I promised to do another giveaway in the moment I would have reached this number and... wow. It arrived so fast! I want to thank you, because I feel appreciated.
So, here the giveaway!
What is a virtual giveaway?
Well, it's simple, it's like a free art raffle: I will choose at random one of you that have reblogged this post and draw something for you (like a commission), but I will not send you the original drawing (especially because the majority of the works will be digital, there isn’t an original...). But, hey, there's a chance to ask me to draw for you virtually everything (Hannibal themed drawings, of course, but you can also request one of your OCs with a character from NBC Hannibal).
It's a "mega virtual giveaway", so I will choose 8 winners and everyone will be rewarded with a different prize:
  1. A black ballpoint pen drawing, with max. 3 characters (examples [x][x][x])
  2. A digital fanart, semi-complex, with max. 2 characters (examples [x][x][x])
  3. A traditional chibi drawing, with max. 3 characters (examples [x][x][x])
  4. A page of sketches about your favorite pairing (something like THIS)
  5. A drawing (max 2. characters + a dog or a child) done with a color palette of your choice among THESE (examples [x][x][x])
  6. A digital chibi with transparent background (examples [x][x][x])
  7. Another digital chibi with transparent background
  8. And a third digital chibi with transparent background
If you are a fanfiction writer or a fanarter, you can also win an interview that will be on the next number of the fanzine “Fannibals” (which means more popularity for you)
  • Considering this is a giveaway for my followers, you must be following me! New followers are totally welcome.
  • To participate to this giveaway, you have to reblog this post.
  • This giveaway is for anyone in the world. There isn't shipping, so anyone can participate.
  • Every reblog is an extra chance to win! But you can reblog max. 3 times for day.
  • The deadline  (and the day in which the winners will be announced) is May 20, 2015.
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