We will NOT make private commissions; such term means to handle copyright rights. Please don't ask.
We reserve the right to make public every image we produce and to sell prints of it; if you decide to remain as an "anonymous commissioner" please let us know beforehand.
You are allowed to upload the picture on any website you’d like (credit must be given) and to use it as avatar/signature in every forum you like.
You are, of course, allowed to print the picture for personal purpose (non-profit).
We really like artistic freedom, but you can choose everything on your commission (pose, colors, etc.) or give me freedom about your character(s) (these are the works that I do better and I've satisfied a great number of people with this method).
You can ask for a commission that you will use commercially (book illustration, videogame concept, t-shirt drawing etc.), but there will be a lfee on these.
If in doubt, ask!

-Mecha (It's because they're really difficult to us and we are really not interested... better if you choose someone that can draw them, right?)
-Porn or anyway very sexual explicit
-Extreme obesity (allowed characters "a little bit fat", not allowed "extremely fat" characters. They should at least walk!)
-Very weird fetishes (but, ask if you're not sure)

-Anything. Ask if you are not sure about.


Traditional Chibis with background [x][x][x][x][x]/ with no background [x][x][x]

Digital Chibis with background [x][x][x]/ with no background (transparent) [x][x][x]

Mini digital Chibis [x][x][x][x]

Ballpoint pen [x][x][x]

Transparent digital [x][x][x]

Traditional colored [x][x][x][x]

Mixed 'n complex [x][x][x][x][x]

Digital sketches fullbody (black and white) [x][x][x][x]/ headsketch (black and white) [x][x]/ Fullbody (colored) [x][x] / Headsketch (colored) [x][x][x][x]

Comic pages black and white [x][x][x] / Comic pages colored [x][x][x]

About the comic pages :a written "storyboard" and character references are required.  You can request also a story, but every page have the same price. We will provide you an high-resolution image like this one: http://furiarossaandmimma.deviantar.....tiny-405044392
Example for the comic "storyboard":
Frame 1: the character Chip (link to a reference for Chip) smile to character Zack (link to a reference for Zack)
Frame 2: the character Zack give a punch to Chip, with an angry face
Frame 3: Poor Zack, on the ground, say "Why you do this to me?"
Frame 4: Chip, with a relaxed face, say "Because yes"
We offer also other kinds of commissions (reference sheets, pages of sketches, comic strips etc...) , but we didn't want to create a too long price chart, so if you see something in our gallery that you like and want something similar, just ask! Don't be shy, we are very friendly. Or at least we try.

Ps. A lot of these drawings are old... and I'm really too lazy to change them with regularity (also, I have a lot other things to do), so it's better if you watch one of my galleries to see how much better are the recent commissions/fanarts/general art. Thanks!
One of our better gallery with examples (and not too much doodles) is the one on our Artstation, HERE

For every question or commissioning me, you can contact me on my furaffinity account (here), or on twitter, via pm (here), by commenting here, on my deviantart or on my e-mail

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